Frequently asked Questions

Q: I am a US resident and I would like to join for personal use only. What type of membership suits me best?
A: In case you are only interested in buying the products for personal use, the Preferred Member status is the one for you.

Q: Are there any minimum monthly purchases needed, in order to maintain my membership?
A: Certainly not. You may purchase only the products you need and only when you like.  This would not have any effect on your membership,

Q: Do I need to pay a membership fee every month?
A; No. The membership fee is a one-time fee paid once you sign up as a Preferred Member or Distributor. There is an annual membership fee to be paid at the end of each year which is approximately $15 for preferred members or non-US distributors.

Q: How can I earn money with Herbalife?
A: As an Herbalife Independent Distributor, you can earn money*  by:
• Selling Herbalife products that you buy at a discount.
• Sponsoring someone who either sells Herbalife products or purchases them at a discount for their own or household use.
• You cannot earn money simply for recruiting or sponsoring someone.

Q: How much it costs to become a Herbalife member/distributor?
A: In order to become an Herbalife member or distributor, you would need to purchase an HMP (Herbalife member Pack).  For the updated membership cost, please contact us.

Q: How can I register as a member/distributor?
A: Online registration is available for some countries. At the last step of the registration process, you would need to choose an HMP (Herbalife Member Pack)  to be shipped to.

Q: Online registration is not available for my country of residence. What should I do?
A: For countries with no online registration (Japan, Malta, etc), you would need to order the Member pack 1st, then the registration can be done online or by filling the required forms and mailing it to to the Member’s services in your country.






*View the Statement Of Average Gross Compensation